Interactive workshops at the Great british expos

Interactive workshop: GDPR & New UK Data Legislation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  is the replacement for the outdated Data Protection Act and it takes full effect in May 2018. More robust data protection and privacy laws will finally allow private individuals to be in control of their own data, and how it is used.

In brief, it means organisations must gain clear consent via opt-ins to be able to use people’s data, such as an email address, for specific purposes which they must outline. It will affect practically every department in every business in the UK. For example, if you are involved in marketing, every individual on your mailing list must give their consent before you can continue to mail them.  Penalties for breaching the rules will be tough.

It is time to prepare NOW!  Our GDPR workshop will bring you and your organisation up to speed on what you need to do before the 25th May deadline.

Interactive workshop: 60 minute Social Media Masterclass

Our Social Media 60 minute masterclass is delivered by one of the UKs award winning business entrepreneurs.

Having built their social media following organically to over 50,000 they will now share with you their secrets and offer advice and training to set you on the road to doing the same! You will be looking at the core social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In.

Whether you are completely new to social media or currently use it as part of your business, you will gain inspiration and new ideas on how to grow your following, increase engagement and generally maximise your social media results.

Interactive workshops : Linked In Masterclass
Interactive workshops: The Critical Reasons Why Your Business Can’t Afford To Ignore The Cloud

Interactive workshop: How to be disruptive in sales

In this session, Chris Moran, Managing Director of JCM Business Solutions, will explore how thinking outside the box and taking a radically different approach can increasingly lead to better long-term relationships with your customers. We’ll look at how different industries have adopted disruptive thinking, and how adopting a different approach to sales can work for your business and significantly improve performance.

JCM is an organisation that has grown by at least 40% year on year.

Interactive workshop: 60 minute LinkedIn masterclass

Over 364m business people worldwide and in excess of 19m in the UK alone consider LinkedIn to be the most important online business networking platform  – a place where professionals have the ability to connect & network, develop their sales contacts and market themselves, their skills, services & products.

This 60 minute masterclass is designed to ensure that you are able to use LinkedIn effectively whatever your business, whether it’s to develop new business, market, recruit or simply to network and promote your company.

We’ll be covering:

  • Why LinkedIn is an increasingly key business tool
  • How to get the most out of LinkedIn as a business professional
  • Key considerations when creating a Profile
  • Developing your network and integrating your current one
  • Identifying prospects and how to approach them
  • Ways to get yourself seen by the right people
  • LinkedIn applications making your life easier

We concentrate on getting the foundations in place, starting with your personal profile and your current activity on LinkedIn, and then developing leads and prospects through the system as well as marketing yourself, your services, skills or products. We’ll show you everything you need to make Linked In a key part of your business development and marketing toolbox.

Interactive workshop: FSB: Pensions auto-enrolment
Interactive workshop: There’s no such thing as a free lunch – or is there?

Interactive workshop: Great management – and how to become a great manager!

Those who accept management jobs take responsibility for much of the wellbeing and fortunes, not only of those they employ, but also of their families and loved ones! Yet, research shows that many managers struggle to meet that demand – many employees are not engaged and over ⅔ of people leaving jobs say it is something their managers did that triggered them to leave. This is probably the reason why productivity so often falls well short of expectations.  So how do you bring out the best in people?

Based on over 30 years of research and experience, in this upbeat session, Clinton explains in practical terms what you can do to become a great manager and unleash potential and drive up performance.

Interactive workshop: The Maths of Marketing and Science of Sales

Join Mike Richardson, Managing Director of Maximizer CRM for a 60 minute master class  in optimising your marketing and sales ROI. Learn through real life scenarios and proven practical tips and tricks to deliver with confidence.

Discover how to:

  • Track and improve conversion rates from initial lead interaction to deal close
  • Understand the power of segmentation and personas
  • Adopt lead scoring and nurture so you engage with the right prospects at the right time
  • Planning for sales and prospecting calls
  • Qualify deals out, and get an up-front commitment
  • Move your deals forward and win more
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and client retention

Attend this session and get a FREE Bundle of Best Practice Guides: Benefits of Segmentation, Build Your own Sales Playbook and Exploring Customer Lifetime Value and Personas.

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