Build Brilliant Business Relationships 90 Minute Masterclass!

See how to build huge rapport, network better, increase your sales success and market more effectively, just by using the Colour Language. You can learn to pre empt your clients wants and needs, and create relationships that are virtually impenetrable by the competition.

Step 1 – learning about the colours

What is Puzzle DISC? What do the colours represent and how can the colour language benefit us? Why is Ensize 3D behaviour profiling? We will briefly going through our full 45-page group analysis report, understanding what motivates us, what stresses us, how we change in different environments and what difference our driving forces make to our behaviour. How we personally perform in every stage of the sales process and what we can do to improve that.

Step 2 – Spotting Behaviour in face to face situations

Learn how to see behaviour in other people; in networking environments, body language, image style and language patterns.

Step 3 – Understanding our clients

Discover how your marketing material can be “Colourised” and learn what behaviour you are displaying to your clients. Understand your clients e-mails so that we can “Coloursie” them showing you how to spot their behaviour. Colourise your potential market place and learn how to speak in THEIR language.

This 90 Minute Masterclass workshop will give you all the foundations to behaviour profiling and how to apply that knowledge to build rapport, to understand your clients and contacts at a much deeper level and therefore provide what they want out of the relationship without needing to be asked. You will be able to take away instantly implementable tools to identify behaviour quickly and start building relationships with depth and longevity.


Michelle Mills-Porter is a speaker, author, celebrated networker, trainer and master profiler. She is CEO of Ensize UK the only 3 dimensional DISC based behaviour profile analysis and one of the Top Recommended People on LinkedIn worldwide.

LinkedIn 90 Minute Masterclass

Over 364m business people worldwide and in excess of 19m in the UK alone consider LinkedIn to be the pre-eminent business networking platform online. A place where professionals have the ability to connect & network, develop their sales and market themselves, their skills, services & products.

To help companies and individual teams make best use of LinkedIn, we are offering this 90 minute masterclass at this year’s Thames Valley Expo – Windsor. This 90 minute masterclass is designed to ensure that you are able to use LinkedIn to develop new business, market, recruit or simply to network and promote your company, its products & services. In particular, this masterclass will give you the confidence to exploit the commercial opportunities that exist, make you feel familiar with what is possible and able to use LinkedIn in a focused and targeted way … not as a space to while away the hours!

We’ll be covering:

1. Why LinkedIn is an increasingly key business tool
2. How to get the most out of LinkedIn as a business professional
3. Key considerations when creating a Profile which really delivers against your goals
4. Developing your network and integrating your current one
5. Identifying prospects and how to approach them
6. Ways to get yourself seen and market your services / products to the right people
7. LinkedIn applications making your life easier
8. … and many more key areas

Masterclass Overview

This is a 90 minute masterclass where we concentrate on getting the foundations in place and then developing leads and prospects through the system as well as marketing yourself, your services, skills or your company’s products. All you need to make LinkedIn a key part of your business development and marketing toolbox.

We start by looking at your personal profile, the foundations of your activity on LinkedIn and examine how to use it to both appeal to individual visitors as well as help you to attract the right people via appearing high up LinkedIn’s Search.

Using examples live on LinkedIn, using LinkedIn for Business Success workshop is designed to ensure that you are best placed to use the power of LinkedIn for you and your business, giving you the know-how to market yourself and your roles, identify and approach candidates and also develop new business through it.

The Critical Reasons Why Your Business Can’t Afford To Ignore The Cloud

In this workshop industry recognised author, blogger and evangelist Barry Coombs will discuss, at a business level, the benefits and concerns of the cloud and how, if implemented correctly, your customers, employees and business will benefit.

We are in the middle of a major shift in how businesses are consuming IT services. We are seeing more possibilities than ever before, including true utility-style pay-as-you-go pricing, but this rapid rate of adoption is also creating greater complexity and competition.

Cloud technologies are changing the way we interact with our customers and are expanding our ability to offer ever more innovative new products and services. Smaller organisations can now compete technologically with their biggest competitors and instantly scale technology against real-time business demands.

Against these proven benefits, many organisations are concerned by the security risks of cloud adoption. Such concerns can now be confidently addressed to avoid the potentially much riskier ‘do nothing’ approach.

FSB: Pensions auto-enrolment – how to fix it and forget it

Compulsory auto enrolment into a workplace pension is getting nearer for many employers – even if you employ just one person. You’ll soon be required by law to contribute but just what do you have to do and who can help?
FSB Workplace Pensions can solve your auto enrolment headaches and show you what you need to do and by when. This seminar will take you through the process and help you understand how to put a legally compliant pension scheme in place quickly, simply and easily.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch – or is there?

Over 800,000 UK Limited companies are missing out on real cash.
Come to our eye-opening workshop and find out how we’ve helped hundreds of companies access millions of £££’s.
If you qualify for our service and we can’t successfully claim for you, we’ll give you £50 to spend on lunch.

How are skill shortages affecting your business?

An interactive workshop to help business owner/managers identify how they can grow their business by upskilling their workforce, particularly through higher education.

They will look at ways that skills shortages are adversely affecting local businesses and how this relates to their own.

They will also look at some of the tools and tactics businesses can employ to address this issue and some of the solutions applicable to their own situation.

Protect your intellectual property!

Every business owns Intellectual Property – the name you trade under, the look or the function of products you make or use, even the brochures you create to promote your business.

All these elements can be protected if they are important to your business and if you manage them correctly they can provide competitive advantage.