Michelle Mills-Porter, keynote speaker at the Great British Expos regional business shows

Keynote speaker:

Michelle Mills-Porter

Michelle Mills-Porter FPSA

Michelle is a human communication expert,

One of the most highly recommended experts on LinkedIn worldwide, she helps people to understand each other on a whole new level.

Michelle is a tsunami survivor whose life took a completely different path as a direct result of what she discovered.

The Secret Life of People

How easy would life be if we had X-ray specs?!!

If we had the ability to read people, to understand what they really mean, what they really want…

We would know what our potential clients want and need before they told us!

We would build great relationships, and we would rarely get it wrong.

Michelle Mills-Porter brings you “The Secret Life of People.”

Her session will show you how to identify behaviour types at a glance, to read body language at an advanced level, to understand facial expressions, to recognise image traits and to speak in their language.

When you can pre-empt your clients wants and needs, you will build a level of rapport that cannot be penetrated by the competition.

PLUS! Learn when people are lying… what they really mean and how to get rid of a nuisance without saying a word!

You will create better relationships, build deep rapport, make more sales, and communicate more effectively.

Michelle is CEO of Ensize UK with Practitioners all over the UK. She is dedicated to unlocking people potential and creating empowered, engaged workforces. She is a multi award winning business woman, author, speaker, consultant, trainer and one of the Top Recommended People on LinkedIn, globally. (Diamond Standard)