Michelle Mills-Porter, keynote speaker at the Great British Expos regional business shows

Keynote speaker:

Michelle Mills-Porter

Michelle Mills-Porter FPSA

Michelle is AKA The Sales Maker and is a human communication expert, one of the most highly recommended experts on LinkedIn worldwide, she helps people to understand each other on a whole new level.

Sales is still the most important role in every business!!

Sales are the engine at the heart of every business. And it’s one area that many people find awkward, difficult or even fearful.

The Sales Maker: Successful sales are mutually beneficial transactions.

Sales are the engine at the heart of every business. And it’s one area that many people find awkward, difficult or even fearful.

This essential skill does not require you to get a thick skin, become hard-nosed, badger your potential clients incessantly, recite scripts or learn a thousand “closing techniques.” It merely requires you to be to be more human.

In this beautiful world of technology and artificial intelligence, we could be forgiven for forgetting that we are all part of the animal kingdom. As animals, we are born with senses that are extraordinarily sharp, and that retain their edge if they are properly used. Over time, however, if these senses are not used, they tend to atrophy. Michelle takes us right back to basics, enabling us to interpret advanced body language, facial expressions and behaviour patterns to help identify the “language” others are speaking.

When you can do this, you can build great rapport on a subconscious level. You will be able to pre-empt your potential clients wants and needs through every stage of the sales process. You will be able to negotiate more effectively and make more sales.

When you attend the Sales Maker workshop, you will leave with the tools to be able to identify your clients’ language from just a simple e-mail, a sales manual reminding you how to communicate with every behaviour type and the tools to be able to build rapport and make more sales.

Identify your clients’ behaviour type through;

  • Body language
  • Facial expressions
  • The words they choose
  • What they wear
  • Their e-mails
  • Their LinkedIn profile / social media presence

And own the tools that you need to build rapport through;

  • Matching their preferred language
  • Using the words that push their buttons and tick their boxes
  • Writing proposals that win their trust
  • Closing the sale, so they say “Thank you!”

Michelle (AKA The Sales Maker) is CEO of Ensize UK with Practitioners all over the UK. She is dedicated to unlocking people potential and creating empowered, engaged workforces. She is a multi award winning business woman, author, speaker, consultant, trainer and one of the Top Recommended People on LinkedIn, globally. (Diamond Standard)