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Harness the power of the North West Expo Manchester to Increase your reach and raise market awareness, adding yourself to the radar of potential future customers.

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Why not attend one of our industry leading Seminars & Workshops at our Manchester business show? All have been designed to address issues that affect your business. Not only have our Seminars and Workshops been created to be an interesting and enjoyable means of gaining practical hands-on experience, they are also a way of acquiring the knowledge that your company may be lacking.

North West Expo Manchester

9:45 AM – 10.45 AM

PAID WORKSHOP: £20 per delegate
How to be disruptive in sales.

Sales is an exciting place to be, but very often we get into habits that can prevent us getting the best deal for us and the customer.

In this session, Chris Moran will explore how thinking outside the box and taking a radically different approach can increasingly lead to better long term relationships with your customers. We’ll look at how different industries have adopted disruptive thinking, and how having a structure around your sales approach can significantly improve performance.

JCM is an organisation that has grown by at least 40% year on year. Come and talk to us about how adopting a different approach to sales can work for your business

11.00 AM – 12.00 PM

PAID WORKSHOP: £20 per delegate
Social Media 60 Minute Masterclass

This social media 60-minute masterclass is being delivered by on the UK’s leading award winning business entrepreneur’s. They have built their social media following organically to over 50,000 and will share with you their secrets which will train and enable you to do the same. You will be looking at various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).

12:15 PM – 1.15 PM

GDPR and New UK Data Legislation

By now you have probably heard about GDPR, and the headlines about huge fines.By now you have probably heard about GDPR, and the headlines about huge fines.You’re involved in marketing in some form, so have been thinking about how it might affect your tasks. One of the biggest implications is in danger of slipping past unnoticed. GDPR says you are guilty unless you can prove you are in no way responsible. So quite a high bar!Now, consider how you go about sourcing a marketing list. Are you doing sufficient due diligence to be able to PROVE everything is safe to use? Have you thought about how you might do this?

1:30 PM – 2.30PM

PAID WORKSHOP: £20 per delegate
LinkedIn 60 Minute Masterclass

This LinkedIn 60 Minute Masterclass is an exclusive PAID element of the day’s event and is only open to 20 delegates per session. It is very interactive, engaging and will give all the resources you need to generate lasting business from LinkedIn. A bespoke training Manuel will be provided to you and follow up support is also included.

We understand the value and the impact that the right speaker can have on our event. Ultimate credibility comes from individuals and subject matter experts who have performed at the highest level in changing corporate environments. Only they can give expert insight and empathy on the challenges we face on a day to day basis.

Michelle Mills-Porter, keynote speaker at the Great British Expos regional business shows
Roslyn Bell female Entrepreneur
julianne Ponan Award Winning Entrepreneur and Branding Expert.
Mark Wright digital marketing specialist & WINNER OF The Apprentice 2014,
Derek Redmond, Olympian and motivational speaker - Great British Expos

New Keynote Speakers coming to the region for the first time. This year’s line-up of keynote speakers continues our proud reputation of brining business’s most influential names to the region to inspire and motivate the local business community as they share their success secrets. Our keynote speakers are the UK’s leading business influencers, through their business acumen and extensive experience you will be empowered with the renewed guidance and ambition to take your business to its next level of growth.

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