thames valley expo


Green Park
100 Longwater Avenue, Reading, RG2 6GP
Thursday 4th October 2018
9:30am - 3:00pm

A thriving and economically prosperous region with UK-leading growth forecasts, Reading and the Thames Valley are expected to outperform the rest of the UK until 2019. Thames Valley Expo Reading provides a great opportunity to connect with the local and global industry community, allowing you to meet like-minded individuals and subsequently, leverage the best contacts.

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seminars Workshops

Why not attend one of our industry leading Seminars & Workshops all of which have been designed to address issues that affect your business. Not only are have our Seminars and Workshops been created to be an interesting and enjoyable way of gaining practical hands-on experience, they are also a way of picking up the knowledge that your company may be lacking.

Business seminars

9:00 AM – 10.00 AM

PAID WORKSHOP: £20 per delegate
LinkedIn 60 Minute Masterclass

This is a 60 minute masterclass where we concentrate on getting the foundations in place and then developing leads and prospects through the system as well as marketing yourself, your services, skills or your company’s products. All you need to make LinkedIn a key part of your business development and marketing toolbox.

10:15 AM – 11.00 AM

PAID WORKSHOP: £20 per delegate
Planning for website development:  What you need to know

How does your website fare in today’s noisy digital marketplace?  Is it meeting your objectives, delivering the leads you intended it to and generating the best possible perceptions of your business? This 45 minute interactive workshop will help you to evaluate your existing site and plan for one that better serves the needs of your business and its ongoing growth.

Learn how to succeed and take your career forward with Jackie Chappell is the UK’s first woman CEO of British Rail. In this male dominated sector Jackie Chappell had a successful career in the rail industry where she rose from being a part-time employee selling tickets to become the Chief Executive of the Industry’s Training and Competence Company, making her the first ever women CEO in the British rail industry.

From the first female train drivers in the 80’s who saw men refusing to get on trains when a woman was at the helm to today where the rail sector is working hard to change its image – through Jackie Chappell’s fight for equality she has broken the glass ceiling and changed perceptions to help women put their best foot forward in their career.

11:30 AM – 12.30 PM

PAID WORKSHOP: £20 per delegate
You CAN Do It – I DID!!
(60 minutes with the 1st Female CEO of British Rail)

Be Inspired by the 1st Woman CEO of British Rail – Jackie Chappell. Jackie can tell it like it is being a woman in business today. She has been at the coalface of British industry, worked her way to the top in a corporate environment, and (most recently) set up her own business which is now also a massive success. Having worked with previous prime ministers, cabinet members and trade union bosses Jackie provides a unique “voice” for women in business on some of the industry stories hitting the headlines, as well as offering expert advice and expertise on how to get ahead in business today. This is a rare opportunity to get first hand practical business advice / guidance in this 60 Minute workshop.

12:45 PM – 1.45PM

PAID WORKSHOP: £20 per delegate
Sales Made Simple – How to own the business of your dreams… not one of your nightmares!

Steve Clarke will share the secrets he used to take his own business from start-up to over £32M in sales in just 8 years… secrets so simple you can implement them the very next day to boost your sales and profits… if you’ll take action. Nothing fancy, no rocket science, no massive marketing budget. What he’ll share took him from penniless petrol pump attendant to financial freedom and early retirement… Irrespective of your business or industry sector – what you’ll learn in 60 minutes could transform the way you do business – it’s all about your #SalesMadeSimple!

2:00 PM – 3.00 PM

PAID WORKSHOP: £20 per delegate
The Experience Business: Why Price-Focused Businesses Fail and What Winners Do Instead

How is it that some companies seem to be able to charge sky-high prices and ‘get away with it’ while their competitors struggle to get customers at any price and often end up discounting their way out of profitability and business? The answer lies in The Experience Business.

9.15 AM – 10.15 AM

PAID WORKSHOP: £20 per delegate
GDPR & New UK Legislation

By now you have probably heard about GDPR, and the headlines about huge fines.

You’re involved in marketing in some form, so have been thinking about how it might affect your tasks. One of the biggest implications is in danger of slipping past unnoticed. GDPR says you are guilty unless you can prove you are in no way responsible. So quite a high bar!

Now, consider how you go about sourcing a marketing list. Are you doing sufficient due diligence to be able to PROVE everything is safe to use? Have you thought about how you might do this?

We understand the value and the impact that the right speaker can have on our event. Ultimate credibility comes from individuals and subject matter experts who have performed at the highest level in changing corporate environments. Only they can give expert insight and empathy on the challenges we face on a day to day basis.

Simon Crowther - keynote speaker.
Roslyn Bell female Entrepreneur
Steve Clarke - keynote speaker at Great British Expos
James Sinclair - keynote speaker at Great British Expos
Michelle Mills-Porter, keynote speaker at the Great British Expos regional business shows

New Keynote Speakers coming to the region for the first time. This year’s line-up of keynote speakers continues our proud reputation of brining business’s most influential names to the region to inspire and motivate the local business community as they share their success secrets. Our keynote speakers are the UK’s leading business influencers, through their business acumen and extensive experience you will be empowered with the renewed guidance and ambition to take your business to its next level of growth.

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