Frequently Asked Questions for Exhibitors

When can we set our stand up and access the venue for expo?

For the majority of our expo’s you will be able to set-up your stand on the afternoon prior to the main expo day. We normally allow exhibitors to access the venue the day before from 4pm / 6pm (this can change and is dependent on each venue). Exhibitors will also be able to access the venue from 7.30am on the morning of the main expo to set-up their stands (this can change and is also dependent on each venue). All stands must be set-up by 9am. The final details of set-up will be emailed to you 48hrs prior to the main event.

Will there be parking at the venue for exhibitors?

At all our events we ensure that there is free parking for our exhibitors. At most of our venues, exhibitors will have their own car park / space which will be clearly sign posted. We ask all exhibitors to unload their stands in the main car park and then move their cars to the secure dedicated exhibitor car park. We want to ensure that the closest car park to the venue is free and open only to delegates to guarantee that they have easy access throughout the day – which in turn benefits us all.

What is included in our stand package?

All of our stand packages include the following:

  • Table (either 4ft or 2ft depending on your stand package)
  • Table cloth
  • 2 Chairs (if a SME stand then 1 chair is provided)
  • Free electricity access
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • 2 Lunch vouchers

What time will lunch be served?

Your lunch vouchers will be brought to your stand before 12pm on the day of the expo. Lunch is always served at our venues between 12pm / 1.30pm. Exhibitors will be given a lunch voucher on the day of the expo in which they can use to get their lunch packs during this time frame. There is a dedicated café area where you can eat your lunch.

How can I be sure to get the most out of my expo?

One of the most important elements for having a successful show is pre-show planning and booth staff training in advance of the event. Download our exhibitor training guide for some essential ‘Dos and Donts’.

How many staff shall I bring to man by stand?

We would encourage you to bring as many staff members as possible to man your stand throughout the day. You will then have enough manpower to allow some staff members to attend the Speed Networking, Keynote Speakers and workshops. By having sufficient staff members at the expo you will also be able to take time out from your stand to circulate and speak to the other exhibitors at the event. Please be advised that we only provide lunch for 2 members of staff.

Can I attend the pre-expo networking breakfast?

Only the gold package stands have 2 free tickets to attend the pre-expo breakfast. If exhibitors wish to attend this breakfast event we charge £5.00+ vat per attendee. We will email and ask all exhibitors a week before the main expo to see if they wish to attend the breakfast networking.

When will the flyers for delegate bags and deliveries need to be sent to the venue?

We require all flyers for the delegate bags (gold package stand’s have a free flyer in the delegate bags) to be sent to the venue a week before the main event. Any flyers or deliveries that are not at the venue by 12pm the day before the main expo will not be accepted and we will take no liability for. We will issue the delivery details 2 weeks before the main expo.

When will our logo and description appear on the website?

We load up the exhibitor details onto our website a month prior to the expo.

What are the social media accounts for the events and event hashtags?

Our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter are @GBEXpos

The event hashtags are as follows:

Ascot / Reading = #TVExpo
Swindon / Bristol = #SWExpo
Midlands = #MidlandsExpo
Manchester = #NWExpo

When do our details for the show guide need to be supplied?

We need the 30 word description and company logo for the show guide and website no later than 3 weeks before the main expo. If the details are not supplied before then, you will not be featured and we accept no liability for this.

What size is my advertisement and what format do you want it supplied in?

For all Gold / Silver stands you have an advertisement allocated in the show guide. All ads need to be supplied 3 weeks before the main expo. If the ads are not supplied before then, they will not be featured, and we accept no liability for this.

The Show Guide is printed as an A5 full colour booklet. We ask that all ads are supplied in a PDF or JPEG format.

Gold stands have a full page – portrait advertisement
Silver stands have a half page – landscape advertisement

When will the floor plan be issued and will we get to choose our stand location?

The floor plan is normally issued approximately 1 month before the main expo. We only issue the floor plan when we are either sold out or almost sold out of stands. The reason for this is because we allocate the stand locations based upon the packages that have been booked. For example, the silver stands will be located in highlighted areas of the expo and the Gold stands will be located in the busiest areas of the event. We allocate the stand locations of all exhibitors to ensure that you are not placed next to, or near, a competitor. If an exhibitor is not happy with where we have positioned them on the floor plan, then we are happy to discuss this with them prior to the event and will move them if possible. We would need to be made aware of any issues an exhibitor may have with the stand allocation at least a week before the main event.

What is the pre-exhibitor lunch?

We hold a pre-exhibitor lunch for each expo approximately 3 – 4 weeks before the main event. The exhibitor lunch is held either at the venue that the expo is being held at or another venue within the same city/ town. The timing of the exhibitor lunch is normally 11am – 1.30pm. We issue the invite to the exhibitor lunch to all exhibitors at least 2 weeks before the event.

Do we have to pay to attend the exhibitor lunch?

The exhibitor lunch is free for all exhibitors to attend as it is included within your stand package. There is no limit on how many staff members you can bring along.

Is it beneficial for us to attend the exhibitor lunch?

The exhibitor lunch is a great way for you to meet all the other exhibitors, partners and sponsors of the event. We give all exhibitors an opportunity to say what they do and the services / products they offer. It is always surprising how much business is generated at this exhibitor lunch before you even attend the main expo. At the exhibitor lunch we will be giving training on how best to exhibit; there is networking, an inspirational keynote speaker and a live Q&A. We issue the invite to pre-exhibitor lunch to all exhibitors at least 2 weeks before the event.