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Policy Monitor helps protect companies from cyber criminals. As an SME you might think there are greater rewards from attacking larger organisations and it won’t happen to you. However, even the smallest organisations are at risk. Cyber security might seem complex but Cyber Security Policy Monitor (CSPM) from Policy Monitor guides you to cyber safety. Visit www.policymonitor.co.uk for more information.

Policy Monitor’s a cloud-based software solution, Cyber Security Policy Monitor (CSPM) helps protect companies from cyber crime.

British businesses faced the equivalent of one attempted cyberattack every 43 seconds in late 2023* and no organisation is too small to be ignored by cyber criminals. Is your organisation at risk? In fact smaller businesses can provide easier pickings and can even open the door to allow attacks on larger businesses, which are their customers.

Cyber Security Policy Monitor (CSPM) from Policy Monitor provides a simple and cost-effective way to keep safe by helping to measure, manage and monitor an organisation’s cyber security workflows and compliance. Cyber security might sound complex but it doesn’t need to be.

Policy Monitor’s cloud-based solution (CSPM) guides organisations to stay safe and compliant. CSPM ensures you know what to do and when to do it, to prevent cyberattacks. It provides reports and alerts to senior management on the level of compliance within your company’s security policies. CSPM provides an evidence trail that can be referenced in the event of a cyber breach, insurance claim or any resulting litigation.

CSPM helps to:
• Educate employees about common cyber scams as people are the weakest link, with 90% of security breaches due to mistakes by users
• Alert users regarding the tasks required to stay safe and when they need to happen, good cyber security requires regular attention and is not a one-off exercise
• Keep a log of completed tasks to provide proof of compliance in the event of an attack.

CSPM is easy to register and install, users can be added and tasks issued within minutes. The at-a-glance dashboard provides a full cyber security status overview and the solution incorporates government and industry-backed regulatory standards to keep an organisation safe and compliant.

About Policy Monitor
Based in London, Policy Monitor is a cyber security company founded by experts with extensive experience in operational and risk management. Its flagship solution, Cyber Security Policy Monitor (CSPM) is a policy management system that incorporates GDPR, US NIST and UK CE cyber security standards, including Cyber Essentials. CSPM guides organisations through complex, evolving safety procedures and protocols to improve their online security and reduce the risk of cyber threats.

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