The Speaker Retreat

The Speaking Retreat - July 10th 2024 Witney, Oxfordshire

From being someone who speaks at networking events, to being an in demand paid speaker at conferences and expos – this one day workshop will teach you how to speak, and, crucially, how to find the clients who will pay you.

Do you KNOW you have a message people should hear?
Do you absolutely know that you can help other people – and you need to find the audiences who will listen to you?
Or are you getting great feedback from your presentations at networking and business events – and want to learn how to find clients who will pay you to speak?
Or maybe you’re already speaking, and want to find more clients, and better clients too?
This one day course, delivered live to only eight attendees, will help you develop your presentation skills and, crucially, show you how and where to find paid speaking gigs too.

Exhibiting at the following Great British Expos locations;

Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Reading, Swindon, Windsor
Witney Business And Innovation Centre, Windrush Park Road, Witney, England, OX29 7DX