Roslyn Bell female Entrepreneur - keynote speaker for Great British Expos

Keynote speaker:

Roslyn Bell

Roslyn Bell is a serial female Entrepreneur with a multi-million-pound property empire. Roslyn is a survivor, inspirational speaker, business coach, advocate for woman in business and author. Roslyn’s message is one of courage, self-belief and determination to make it happen against all the odds.

Roslyn Bell has faced many life challenges that most of us would simply lay down and accept defeat about. However instead of quitting Roslyn developed a business plan from her hospital bed. Her focus was to build a business empire so her children would be secure when she died.

What are the challenges or obstacles preventing you and your business from moving forward?
What is stopping you from fulfilling your lifetime dream and ambition?
What you would do change or differently if you were told that you only had 10yrs left to live?

Serial property entrepreneur Roslyn Bell story really begins in 1992 when she was involved in a near-fatal car accident in her hometown in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, at the age of 25.

Mother-of-two Roslyn was left horrifically injured, so severely that she was extremely fortunate to escape with her life.

When you see her now it’s hard to believe the injuries she sustained when the steering wheel hit her in the face, causing the left side of it to detach from her cheek. With dozens of other injuries, including a fractured skull and a smashed pelvis, it took Roslyn a long time to recover from her ordeal.

Then four days before her 30th birthday Roslyn was struck by another cruel twist of fate when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.It was a turning point. After having to endure a hysterectomy, she decided the time was right to make a change in her life.

Doctors told Roslyn that it was a possibility that her treatment could mean she had only 10 years left to live. So, said to herself ‘life’s too short’ and decided to invest £1m in a property to make some security for her children when she died. This began her property journey which today is a multi-million-pound empire after having brought property in Northern Ireland, Dublin, London and Chester.

Roslyn’s key message is that you need Courage to take that first step to transform your spark of Imagination into something you are passionate about, together with Self Belief and Determination to make it happen and take Action. Off course there will be hitches along the way nothing ever runs smoothly, you need to look at them as opportunities to grow and perhaps be flexible in your approach

Roslyn firmly believes we all have a passion within us to serve, her role is to help you explore and make it a reality. If you are ready for the challenge come and hear her amazing story – you will be inspired and motivated to take your business to its next level.