Here at Great British Expos, we understand the value of an inspirational keynote speaker and the impact that the right speaker can have on you and your business.

Ultimate credibility comes from individuals and subject matter experts who have performed at the highest level in changing corporate environments.

Only they can give professional insight and empathy on the challenges we face on a day to day basis.

Meet Our Keynotes…

Paul Waite - Aspen Waite

Paul Waite

Respected Top 100 UK CEO 

Life of A Successful Entrepreneur 

UK’s leading CEO Paul Waite talks about the must have characteristics & traits to be a successful entrepreneur in 2021. Paul specialises in working with SMEs & has a proven track record in helping them to grow and succeed.

Dame Stephanie Steve Shirley

Dame Stephanie Shirley CH

British Tech Pioneer 

From £100 to £2 Billion Business!

Dame Stephanie Shirley has shattered the glass ceiling. Dame Stephanie’s life is an incredible story of arriving in Britain as child refugee to becoming one of Britain’s most powerful women. Starting her company with £100 on a kitchen table, she changed her name to ‘Steve’ to secure contracts and eventually sold her company which was valued at £2 Billion Pound.

Upon selling her company Dame Shirley made 70 of her staff millionaires and has given away £68+ Million to charity!

Andy Street CBE, keynote speaker

Andy Street CBE

Former CEO of John Lewis 

Proud to be West Midlands

Andrew John Street CBE is a British businessman and politician who was the managing director of John Lewis from 2007 to 2016. He resigned to run for Mayor of the West Midlands and won the mayoral election in May 2017. It’s a position he still holds today.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Founder Of Poundland

From £1 to £5 Billion 

Founder of Poundland Steve Smith is a British Pioneer, Disruptor, and creator of an industry worth £5 Billion! He was the originator of the one-price retail concept, which ended up revolutionising the sector. Steve shares his secrets to retail success with GBE visitors.

Alison Edgar GBE keynote speaker

Alison Edgar MBE

Thought Leader and Entrepreneur.

The Secrets of Successful Sales

If you don’t sell, you don’t have a business. Discover the psychology of sales to help you develop a winning strategy for growing your business. Alison works with start-ups, micro businesses and owner-managed businesses.

Nyasha Gwatidzo

Nyasha Gwatidzo

Leading Social Entrepreneur & Author

Building a £180 Million Business Empire!

Nyasha Gwatidzo suffered multiple rejections when she first set up her business. Yet she has smashed the glass ceiling, generated £180 Million & changed 12,000 lives. Nyasha is one of the UK’s leading social entrepreneurs. Hear her story.

Camilita Nuttall

Camilita Nuttall

Influencer, Founder, CEO, Editor in Chief & Business & Wealth Coach

It’s Time To Win!

Whether you want to fast track your success or are in need of a mind & money transformation get ready to be Inspired & discover what it takes to WIN by the world’s #1 ‘Rock Star’ International speaker Camilita Nuttall!

Paul Glyn

Paul Glynn

Managing Director of Sandler Training (Southern Counties)

Barriers to Growth

Business is booming as we deal in a post-lockdown world. So what might be holding you back? You need to increase revenue and sharpen processes. Do you and your team know what things you need to do to achieve those outcomes? Do you know how to do those things? Do you have the right people doing them? And are those right people being correctly supported and held accountable? This session will challenge you and help you breakdown your barriers to growth.

Paul Glynn from Sandler Training has over a decade of experience helping SMEs achieve their potential.

Jacynth Ivey

Jacynth Ivey

Award-Winning Transformational Leader

Learning To Accept Your Brilliance!!

Jacynth is the Founder & CEO of Jacynth Ivey Global and Inspiring Hope. She is a Multi-Award-Winning Transformational Leader, Coach, Author, Mentor and sought-after Inspirational Speaker. Jacynth Ivey smashed the glass ceiling of one of the world’s biggest employers as its 1st BAME Director!!!