Keynote speaker:

Zoe Bennett

An Award Winning Entrepreneur who travels across the globe inspiring businesses to reach their potential. Zoe has a truly inspirational story which provides encouragement to others that no matter how hard life gets there is always a way forward.

These are just a sample of Zoe’s Awards and Achievements:

  • NatWest Finalist “Entrepreneur For Good” West Midlands 2017
  • Enterprise Vision Awards Finalist – Training and Coaching 2017
  • Worked with Usain Bolt at the Great Northern Run after party May 2009
  • Winner of West Midlands Women of The Year Awards & Inspirational Woman of the Year 2016
  • Founder / organiser of the Midlands Business & Community Awards

Zoe Bennett is an award winning entrepreneur and is internationally known as the motivational queen. Zoe has gained this respected title by her positive attitude to her unique true life story which she titles “Through Adversity Breeds Success”. Zoe persevered through 7 murder trial postponements and after Zoe received death threats Gavin Williamson MP (now the Secretary of State for Defence, UK) also helped protect her and help get justice against one of the murderers who received 40 years to life without parole. She uses this tragic incident to reinforce that when life overwhelms you and you cannot see a way of succeeding, that you can find the inner motivation, strength, strategy and drive to ensure you are successful even through the toughest times utilising mindset. Even though she has gone through so much adversity, she continues to help others through theirs.

She has a truly inspirational story which follows the heartaches, trauma, death threats and adversity in overcoming government obstacles from two countries, and how she eventually won justice in both courts. She also shares her adverse childhood to provide encouragement to others that no matter how hard life gets there is always a way forward. Through her real life story people learn strategies and insights on how they can breed success through adversity. The words that are described about Zoe after she has delivered training or one of her motivational talks are “inspirational” “motivational” “strong individual and “confident”.

Zoe goes above and beyond the call of duty immensely and positively changes people’s lives that come into contact with her. This is demonstrated by the many different organisations and people she helps predominantly in the West Midlands but also within Lancashire, Oxfordshire as well as London. She helps so many different communities and is very diverse as well as inclusive in her approach. She does not only help one core group but many such as DV victims, the Youth, the Unemployed, the homeless, Cancer Victims, mental health sufferers, the disabled and continues to support many others selflessly such as:-

  • Over the past 3 years she has been providing motivational talks to students that come from a disadvantaged background.
  • Provides confidence building workshops for ladies who have suffered domestic violence.
  • She created in 2017 the conference Removing The Shame and Guilt for Women only and one for Men only to provide a safe space to receive information to help with victims of abuse held at Birmingham City University.
  • Zoe is the founder of the black tie (MBCC) Midlands Business and Community Charity Awards which recognises and values unsung heroes in the business and community.
  • Zoe has also delivered training to FTSE100 companies. She has provided several motivational talks in schools as well as to apprentices. She provides them with employability and entrepreneurial skills training as well as delivers goal setting workshops blended with sharing inspirational life lessons.