Taz Thornton

Taz Thornton

Unleashing Your Awesome In Life and Business!

Often known as the Pink Powerhouse, Taz is a multi award-winning motivational speaker and author of the book Unleash Your Awesome. Taz will share her story from a high-flying career as a journalist, moving to a c-suite role in publishing. and then a breakdown which led to her considering taking her own life. A story she inadvertently shared with 1000s of followers on her social media...

From this dark place she set up her own consultancy and now she supports business owners to start, to scale, to develop and even to step away.
She talks about the importance of being more than your business, building a personal brand, the value of team work, how to be an inspirational leader rather than a mediocre boss... strives to ensure a thriving community for all.

She is the author of the long-awaited book - "Its ok to be different: reignite your passion, fulfil your dreams" which provides the reader with seven life changing habits to confidently step forward into successful living.

Presenting at the following Great British Expos locations;

Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Reading, Swindon, Windsor